Crystal Light Therapy: A New Concept Spiritual Spa
Treatment Technique for the Spa
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Crystal Light Therapy: A new and Incredible
Healing Technique for the Spa
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Crystal Light Therapy: Vibrational Healing
for the Millennium
The Subtle Bodies and the Seven Chakras
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The Healing Experiences of Crystal Light Therapy

I have developed a technique of crystal healing massage that is both Safe and Therapeutic.
Therapists in private practice as well as those in
Spa Environments are getting very effective results.
Many of my clients have had life altering experiences.
Nearly all have expressed feelings of rejuvenation and change through the experience.
I would like to share a few of the comments from my clients.

Patricia Jean Edge-Huff

“Patricia changed my life through the use of Crystal Light Therapy.
I recommend that you experience the Crystal Light Healing for yourself.”

Pamela Price, Author, The Worlds 100 Best Spas.

“Crystal Light Therapy is very effective
as a massage technique while simultaneously
providing an incredible spiritual experience.”

Polly Johnson, CFO Hydro-San Lucas,Mexico

“Crystal Light Therapy Is the wave of the New Millennium”

Guy Jonkin, Spa Management Journal

A client after a Crystal Light Therapy treatment by
practitioner Nia Bellamy of Cananda:

"The massage and crystal work was fantastic. I could definitely feel the energy
from the toning and the crystals. While being worked on the areas I felt most in
were the lower chakras. The Solar Plexus and Sacral more specifically. I felt
incredible energy when doing the meditation and joining of the energies. It was an
explosive feeling in the solar plexus area."

"Overall the treatment was wonderful and I would do this as part of my regular
regime of holistic treatments. In the days I did have an overall sense of well-being."

" I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you Nia, for the

Linda D. Jensen, Reiki Master
Hands on the World - H. O. W

"This treatment is unlike any that I have had before and I have had many different ones. I like
that it combined so many different elements which worked on many levels."

"Mentally, I am feeling happier, closer to my old self. Over the last seven years I have lost my
parents and a sibling which threw me into a deep depression. With the Crystal Light Therapy
treatments I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now."

"I am really amazed and impressed with Crystal Light and I am so happy that Nia has learned
this new therapy."

Linda Bellamy

“Our clients leave feeling blessed after one of Patricia’s Crystal Light therapy Treatments”….

Carole Sullivan, Spa Director Las Ventananas Resort

“Having been trained in massage myself, and over the years having therapists work on me,
her particular style is the best combination of techniques I have ever personally experienced.”….

Dr. Curt Maxwell. D.C., N.D., FIACA. Option Health Care, San Diego CA

“I give my highest recommendation of Patricia.”

Angel Stewart, Spa Consultant

“Patricia’s holistic massage combines deep tissue massage techniques
and spirituality for an experience that is peaceful, healing, and energizing.
It is good for the soul.”

Lynn M. Campbell, President/CEO
Visiting Nurse Association of The inland Counties. CA

“I have suffered from allergies for twenty five years,
after the second session of Crystal Light Therapy, I went home and slept
for twenty four hours. I awakened totally refreshed and feeling healed.
The whole experience was truly amazing.”

Dr Louise Tyrer, Former Vice President, Planned Parenthood.

“A Crystal Light Therapy session will purify, balance and revitalize the client.
Adding this holistic treatment to our menu brought our healing capabilities to a new level.
Well worth the time and effort to study this therapy.”

Zoe Willets, Owner Shibui Spa, Sisters, OR